Wall Renovation

Face lifting of Front and Inner walls

This wall is thin and more than 20 years old, with cracked windows causing air leakage resulting mould growth and loss of energy, especially in the sister’s area. It becomes very cold in the winter. This results high in paying bills for heating and cooling.

Insulation levels vary throughout the building which requires face lifting. The front and inner walls are in poor condition. There is no proper insulation to prevent cold weather. To make it energy efficient, there is a need to re-construct the inner and outer walls.

Our target is outside face lifting with properly insulated walls, new 3-panel energy-efficient windows, and re-designing of interior walls for efficient usage.

Our estimated cost of this renovation is $95,000.

We have a few more plans to do at the same time.

  1. Replacement of windows. Triple pane windows will be energy efficient and will provide a modern look to the building.
  2. Signs. New and improved signage will give the masjid a modern look.
  3. Addition of minaret (minar).
  4. Replacement of emergency exit door.
  5. Create proper space for Bookshelves in the ladies' area and in the main hall.
  6. Uniform finish to the outer shell of the building.

We need generous donations. Donations are Tax Deductible.


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We need generous donations. Donations are Tax Deductible.
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