Installation of Graveyard Signboard. Trench box inside first grave and other work. In year 2022.

Construction Update Oct 2021

Groundbreaking Ceremony May 2021

Gravel road completed. Installation of Fence all around graveyard land. Installation of Two small gates and one Main gate. July 2021

In 2016 when Land was purchased

Why we need to own Muslim graveyard?


Being Muslim we always preferred to live among Muslims, try to make Muslim friends and that’s natural will, to be buried among the Muslims too.

Muslim population in Saskatoon is increasing day by day and assigned plot in city of Saskatoon’s cemetery cannot keep up our needs. Sooner or later we need to look for alternate. Rather than alternate, why should not we look for the permanent solution.

It will be a land mark of Muslims.

Financial advantages of having own graveyard

The average cost a family pays all together for funeral is between $7,000 and $10,000. We can reduce this to almost half of it if we provide all services and land.

Needy families can be accommodated,

Alhamdulillah in April 2016 we found an eye catching land, which is more then what we were looking for and with the mashwara (consultation) of trustees, management, shura and musallis (we have decided to buy this land for the purpose of graveyard and future projects.

About the Land

  • Its approximately 80 acres agriculture land.
  • Corman Park has pre-approved this land for discretional use of cemetery.
  • It’s an uphill land, ideal for graveyard so the rain and melting snow water won’t damage graves.
  • Soil quality meets the standards of graveyards.

Location of the land


Very convenient location for Saskatoon residents.

10 km away from west Masjid, approximately 10 minutes’ drive, next to Buck autos.

It’s at the boundary of Saskatoon and under the Saskatoon city expansion study.

Price of the land

Owner has demanded $480k. Our first offer was $380k which was declined. We hired a professional appraisal company and they appraised it ranged $473K-$440K.

Finally we agreed upon $440 k Alhamdulillah.

What's the plan?

Proposed area for graveyard is 10 acres rest of land will be used according to community’s future needs.

Register a funeral house to reduce the price further, for a burial.


What we need from you - Your support & Generous Donation