Dear Community Members,

Prairie Muslim Association's annual general body meeting is scheduled on Sunday October 24, 2021 after Zuhr prayer in PMA Masjid.
Report of Financial Statements will be presented in AGM.

There will be elections for four Board of Director positions this year.
1- Vice President.
2- Finance Chair
3- Maintenance Chair and
4- Chair Sister Affairs

All members who have served one year in shura (advisory committee) are encouraged to fill out nomination form. 

Form is attached.

Summery of Financial Statements

Criteria of selection for Board of Directors.
1.    Served in Shura or Management for at least one Year.

Mr. Waqar Younus (trustee) will be the 2021 PMA-Election Chair.
All election candidates must submit their completed nomination form to Mr. Waqar (Election Chair) directly before October 20, 2021 at

Agenda of AGM is as follows;

Tilawat (Recitation) of Quran Majeed.
President to call the meeting to order.
Approval of agenda.
Approval of minutes of AGM (held on Sunday November 15, 2020).
Business arising from minutes if any.
Report of the Financial Statement.
Report from the President.
Elections of management for open positions.
Other business, if any.

Jazak Allah Khair for your cooperation.
For more info, please contact Afzal Mehmood (President) 306 716 9966

Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) 2021